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in time of roses(who amaze

our now and here with paradise)

Tara. Twenty one. XX. Formerly homeschooled. I eat soup with a fork. I randomly insert famous quotations into my conversations. I'm obsessed with organic. I want to learn like 6 languages. I won NaNoWriMo last year, even though I don't really like writing that much. People tell me I'm evil. Can I help it I have brilliant plans that just happen to be slightly nefarious??? =P I like reading, cooking, being outside, hot guys, crafting, herbalism, living green, backpacking, traveling, survival skills, anatomy, making homemade beauty products, writing letters, geneology, watching old movies, listening to old radio shows, astronomy, plotting, sharp things, building things, dancing like a freak, listening to music, instant messaging, eating Skittles, singing even though I suck at it, staying up half the night, sleeping late, football (haha, guess why), genetics, languages, chocolate, making up crazy stories and seeing who'll believe them, taking pictures, hockey, hockey players, skulking, reading travel brochures.

I love meeting new people from around the world :)

Anything even remotely personal is locked (which is almost everything, except for a few memes).
I can't remember where I got my avatars. If you know, tell me and I can credit them.

All about me, my fave books, authors, poets, movies, tv shows, can be found right here

Anything else you want to know? Ask me. I might even tell you.

Which Quote are you?

Which Quote are you?

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aaron stanford, accents, adventures, agatha christie, alias, animals, anne boleyn, anne bonny, anne of green gables, arrested development, astronomy, australia, backpacking, baking, beads, beekeeping, being healthy, belly dancing, biology, bookmooch, books, building things, canada, cars, castles, cats, cfl, chevy trucks, chocolate, classics, coins, cold case, cooking, corner gas, coronation street, criminal minds, crocheting, csi, cyanide and happiness, dancing, desperate housewives, dollhouse, e.e. cummings, england, exploring, family, fashion, fearless, food, free range, friends, fruit, geneology, genetics, glee, god, gossip girl, grafting, greek, greenday, grey's anatomy, gypsies, herbs, himym, hippies, history, homemade beauty products, homeschooling, ireland, irene adler, jamie oliver, jane austen, johnny cash, knitting, knives, l.m. montgomery, languages, laughing, letters, living green, lost, love, making candy, maroon 5, michael buble, midwives, morgan waters, movies, music, nanowrimo, nature, nevil shute, nhl, old movies, orchards, organic, oscar wilde, penpals, people watching, pirates, poetry, postcards, psychology, rain, reading, recipes, richard simmons, road trips, robert louis stevenson, saskatchewan roughriders, scotland, sherlock, sherlock holmes, snail mail, spies, stamps, stephen hunter, strawbale construction, stuff from other countries, summer kitchens, sytycd, the amazing race, the blue castle, the sarah connor chronicles, the tudors, three days grace, travel, traveler, ukraine, ukrainian dancing, vera lynn, veronica mars, violins, vivaldi, walking, watership down, working out, writing, wwoof, yarn